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iPhone 11 Review: Best Selling Phone Of 2020

I'll make this simple for you, if you're an iOS person and it's time to get a new phone and you don't want to spend $1000, you should get an iPhone 11. It's a really good phone with one of the best cameras I've ever seen on a smartphone and excellent battery life.

iphone 11 review

Apple's also dropped the price by 50 bucks. The iPhone 10 R started at 749 and the iPhone 11 starts at 699. That doesn't mean the iPhone 11 is a perfect phone or that it even has all of the best specs and features that you can get. It doesn't, but it shines where it counts and it's totally fine everywhere else. And, if you do want to live on the bleeding edge of tech you can spend $300 more and get an iPhone 11 Pro which I reviewed it in another video. But I think most people looking for an iPhone upgrade, don't need to overthink this. Just get an iPhone 11, you'll be happy. Let me tell you why. 

Pricing And Specifications:

The iPhone 11 is fundamentally the S update to last year's very popular iPhone 10 R. It has the same design, the same 6.1 inches 720p LCD with fancy rounded corners, the same biggish bezels, and the same aluminum body. From the front, it looks almost exactly like an iPhone 10 R. But, Apple says it's made the glass on the front and the back a little bit stronger, the water resistance is a little better and the camera bump on the back is now milled right into the glass, which is kinda neat. And, it comes in a bunch of new pastel colors. This lavender one we have looks very nice. The whole design is still a little surfboard and it's definitely not small. If you're looking to upgrade from an iPhone SE this thing is gonna feel huge. But really, the only major difference is between the iPhone10 R and the iPhone 11 are the cameras, slightly better battery life, and the new processor. There's a bunch of other little things that we'll get to but that's really what you need to know. And, it's $50 cheaper, this is not exactly the hardest review I've ever had to do. But Verge executive editor, Dieter Bohn has been using an iPhone10 R for the past year. And he's also been testing the iPhone 11 this week. So, I called him up to see what he thinks. All right, let's start with battery life. You've been using the10 R for the past year. 

iPhone 11 display

Apple says the 11 gets an hour longer than the 10 R, what do you think? - I mean, I bought the10 R in the first place because I didn't want to have to worry about battery life. So, I didn't it just lasted all day and the iPhone 11 also lasts all day, I don't have to worry about battery life. I think it's a little bit better but I don't know for sure. And look, like you could maybe kill this thing in less than a day but you really, really have to try. I think the battery life is great. What is not great, is the fact that they're still in the box, including that dinky five-watt charger. - I feel strongly that I could make you go on a USB-C rant here, but I won't that to everyone else. Instead, I'm gonna ask you about the camera. Now, I think Apple'sactually pulled it off and they've done an amazing job with the camera. 

They've pulled ahead of the Pixel, what do you think? - So, I actually want to start with the hardest possible situation that I could figure out, or close to it. So, this is the iPhone11 versus the Pixel 3. It's zoomed in a little bit more than 2x and it's night mode and you can see that the iPhone 11 really holds it's own. It still really wants to bring up the shadows but it's right there with the Pixel. Now, here's another one, this is the iPhone 11 versus the Pixel 3 again and here the iPhone 11 just nails the tones and the colors where the Pixel 3 just looks unnaturally bright and weird. So, I much prefer the iPhone 11. - You know I've been saying for months on. The Verge cast now that I think the iPhone 10 S looks bad and then Apple's HDR was kinda bad last year. But I think they really improved it this year. It's so much more willing to let shadows be shadows and highlights be highlights. They're doing this semantic rendering thing, where they're processing the hair and the sky and faces differently. I think it really works. Here's a photo of Moya, that honestly, I think could be the entire review. The 10 S Max is kinda blurry, it's lost a lot of detail. The 11 is super sharp, there's a ton of detail and it's just rendered the shadows and highlights so much more effectively. It's kind of a wash with the Pixel but I actually prefer the 11.

colours in iPhone 11

You know, in addition to the detail thing, I'm just happier with the iPhone 11's color choices. So, here's a portrait mode of 11 versus the 10 R. And the 10 R just thinks that yellow counts as natural and that's not right. The iPhone 11 actually is way better but if you look closely, a weird thing you'll see is the iPhone 11 seemed to doa worse job on the cutouts on portraits, it really screwed my glasses up. - So, that's really interesting because the 11 has two lenses on the back. So, it's actually using two cameras to figure out the depth map while the 10 Ris just doing it in software. I actually asked Apple about this and they were pretty surprised. They think obviously the11 should do a better job and they told me they specifically spent time working on glasses this year. So, this is one of those things where we're just gonna have to see if software improves it over time. But it is very strange that the 10 R is doing a better job with your glasses. But, tell me about the ultra-wide in general, I've been having fun with it, how about you? So, I know there this huge argument now that they added a second lens to the 11, so should they have added a telephoto or an ultra-wide and I am fully on team ultra-wide. I think it is way more useful than just a 2x telephoto. But, video on iPhones has been better than on Android phones for a long time. This seems like it's increasing the gap. You've been testing a lot of Android phones, what do you think? 

So, man, the only Android phones that are anywhere near in the same league as the iPhone are Samsung phones, like the Note 10 or the Galaxy S10. And even though they're in the same league they still lose basically every time. And, I know that the pixel 4 is coming soon and I don't wanna pre-judge it here, but let's just say right now, the iPhone is definitely the best camera for video. - Yeah, I think that pixel 4 kinda looms over this whole thing, but it's not out yet. It's leaked all over the place, but it's not out yet. We'll just have to test it when it comes. So, you've been using a 10 R for the year. 

Let me know if you're upgrading which iPhone are you gonna get? Or, are you gonna wait for something else? 

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