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Xiaomi Redmibook 13 Review (2020 Model)

redmibook 13 first look

Xiaomi Redmibook 13 Review (New 2020 Model) 

Hello everyone WhatsUp, let's check out a notebook from Xiaomi which released a new 2020 model with some new modifications and features.

Stay tuned and let's get started.

1. Devoted GPU is discretionary 

The base model can be purchased with simply the Intel Core i5 with it's incorporated UHD 630 illustrations. This is the least expensive alternative selling for around $500 USD in China. Be that as it may, in the event that you intend to do some gaming or video altering, for instance, the low end however devoted Nvidia MX250 is suggested. It has 2GB of devoted DDR5 RAM and can deal with some low settings 1080p gaming. 

2.The plan, console, touchpad and fabricate 

The Redmibook 13 looks simply like the bigger Redmibook 14 models however with a slimmer bezel. A brushed matte silver aluminum manufacture gives the PC a quality vibe to it, the assemble is ordinary Xiaomi here. Excellent. The weight is phenomenal, I check 1.24 kilos, Xiaomi adjusts it down to 1.23 formally and with the 65W charger, your convey weight is 1.61 kilos. Generally excellent for those that travel with as little luggage as possible yet at the same time ready to do things like altering video or game a bit. 

It's 21.5mm thick with the elastic feet or 18mm thick without them which is fine yet not weighty thin. The console isn't illuminated however input is pleasant, shallow travel yet at the same time no grammatical mistakes because of its dispersing and the compound between the keys. The touchpad is little for 2020 guidelines, be that as it may, I've no issues with it and it underpins Windows 10 signals and exactness drivers like everything these days does 

3.Thin current bezels fitting for a 2020 PC, however… 

redmibook 13 slim 2020

Presently the Redmibook 13 has a screen to body proportion of 89%, this implies thin, minuscule bezels top and sides. So thin there is no webcam. In any case, the standard Redmibook 14 likewise comes up short on this. A move many inclines toward in the midst of protection concerns. I can't state I concur with this, webcams are as yet helpful for those Skype calls, work gatherings, and so on. 

The screen is a matte FHD IPS board, so 16:9 viewpoint proportion ideal for media like watching films and Youtube. I see no light spillage on my unit. It holds up well with reflections being an enemy of glare board yet the greatest splendor is very poor. Around 220 nits max is on the low side. I think that it's fine inside however in direct daylight and too brilliant conditions, it will be an issue. My theory is Xiaomi mitigated it to save money on battery life. Furthermore, an sRGB of simply 66%, NTSC 47%, and Adobe RGB 49% demonstrate this is a poor presentation! 

4.Battery life

Xiaomi claims 11 or more long stretches of runtime in their Chinese press information. Be that as it may, with a 15W CPU and just a 40Wh battery (3Wh more than the Gemini Lake workstations I audit), it's looking truly like 5 hours and that is an unassuming assessment dependent on the wattage devoured so far simply running the incorporated GPU obviously. 

5.Ports or the absence of them

This PC has just two USB 3.1 ports, HDMI 1.4A (Should be HDMI 2.0), and a 3.5mm sound jack with mic support. There is a mouthpiece on the PC, yet no Type-C ports, snappy Type-C PD charging, or even an SD or MicroSD opening is a colossal oversight. A reasonable sign to me Xiaomi's showcasing group needs you to pay more and purchase the Mi Notebook Pro for those additional items ports. 


Xiaomi has utilized two descending terminating Harmon tuned speakers, these sound great yet not on a par with the more costly Mi Notebook Pro not out of the ordinary. By and large, they hold up and carry out the responsibility well. 

7.Early introductions

Xiaomi to me has missed the spot with this one, selling for around $700 USD with this Core i7 (In China) this PC actually needs to offer in excess of only a lightweight form, thin bezels, and new tenth Gen CPU. In case you're somebody that needs the exhibition you paid for like me you'll not discover it here with the poor cooling. Fan commotion, accordingly, is a little on the stronger side when in any event, doing generally light errands. Only 6 tabs in Chrome the fan is obviously discernible with the force connected and wouldn't appear to like to kill. Expel power and the fan does inevitably kill utilizing only the battery. 

And afterward that screen, it looks extremely pleasant however I'll gauge the colorspace soon. The thin bezels are extraordinary to take a gander at the matte covering is exceptionally down to earth in excess of a shiny glass finish. Be that as it may, it's somewhat dull at 100% brilliance. This may be fixable by means of a firmware update from Xiaomi so fingers crossed for that. 

On the other hand, you have the AMD Ryzen models and the Redmibook 14″ new forms with the equivalent tenth Gen intel chips and Nvidia MX250 config for less here at TradingShenzhen where I purchased this model. 


Incredible size and weight. Truly versatile 

tenth Gen Intel chips 

Devoted GPU choice is incredible for a little PC like this 

Thin bezels 

Great console and touchpad 

Matte IPS screen 

Speakers aren't terrible 


Simply running Geekbench was sufficient for it to warm choke and it 98 degrees C after a couple of runs 

The screen is somewhat dull for 100%. Only 215 nits top with poor shading inclusion. 

Smash is a solitary channel, in particular, ought to be a double channel for best execution 

Just the SSD is upgradeable and only a SATA3 model. It doesn't dispatch with NVMe however bolsters it. 

Needs Type-C ports with the show out and power conveyance support. 

HDMI 1.4A (4k30hz) spec not HDMI 2.0 (4k60) 

No webcam

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